Mom’s Restaurant: Best breakfast items of all time

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because this meal resupplies your body with all the nutrients that it needs to go through a brand new day after the overnight fasting period. 

The great thing about breakfast is that you’ll have plenty of delicious choices which are made specifically for this time of the day. However, here at Mom’s Restaurant, we love these dishes so much that we serve them throughout the day so that our customers can enjoy them anytime.

To give you a taste of what you can expect at our restaurant, here are some of our favourite breakfast items of all time:

Buttermilk pancakes

A nice stack of freshly cooked pancakes is a classic breakfast item. These fluffy and thin pancakes are great to eat alone but they’re also a blank canvas and it’s up to you to decide which toppings you’re going to choose.

You can top your pancakes with an assortment of fruits such as fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and bananas. Then, you can proceed to drizzle your favourite syrup such as maple, chocolate or even whipped cream on top of pancakes.

If you want a more savoury take on this classic dish, you can also serve it with a side of bacon or sausages.

French toast

In a lot of ways, French toasts are similar to pancakes. Aside from both being classic breakfast meals, they are also topped with the same toppings such as berries, maple syrup, whipped cream, etc.

What makes this dish different however is its use of a thick slice of toast instead of pancake batter. To achieve its texture, the bread is first soaked in eggs and milk before pan-frying it. The result is a crispy crust with a creamy texture on the inside which does a great job in soaking all the flavours.

Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs are a match made in heaven. The savoury flavour and meaty texture of bacon go perfectly with any cooked egg whether it be fluffy and tender scrambled eggs, florentine or poached. You can also serve this combination with a side of toast to add a boost of energy to your meal. 

Eggs Benedict

If you want a traditional item on the breakfast menu, Eggs Benedict is a great option. This hearty dish will leave you full and ready for the day thanks to its ingredients. To make this dish, an English muffin is sliced in half to serve as a vessel for strips of bacon and poached egg. What completes this dish is its key ingredient, the homemade hollandaise sauce.

Hollandaise sauce is made by emulsifying egg yolks with melted butter and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It is then seasoned with salt and white/cayenne pepper.

These are some of our favourite breakfast items of all time. Aside from being delicious dishes, they are also full of nutrients that can help you start your day. If you’re craving these dishes, head on over to our store here at Mom’s Restaurant. You don’t have to worry about getting here on time because we serve them all day!