Gourmet 7oz AAA Steakhouse Burgers topped the way you want and served
with Home Cut Fries

Hamburger  $11.95

Veggie Burger  $11.95

Cheddar Burger   $12.95

Bacon Cheddar Burger  $13.95

Texas Burger
Our homemade 7oz patty, topped with swiss cheese, onion rings, and ancho ranch sauce  $13.75

Upgrade regular fries to a side Caesar, Greek or Garden Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, or Poutine  $3.25

SidesGreek or Caesar Salad  $5.75
Garden Salad with your choice of dressing  $5.25
Poutine  $5.55
Sweet Potato Fry Poutine  $7.25
Breakfast Poutine  $5.55
Home cut French Fries, Home Fries or Hash Browns  $3.95
Sweet Potato Fries & Ancho Ranch for dipping  $4.25
Onion Rings & Ancho Ranch for dipping  $4.25
Potato or Pasta Salad  $3.95
Cottage Cheese  $3.95
Coleslaw or Warm Baked Beans  $2.95
Fried or Fresh Tomatoes  $2.75
Brown or Turkey Gravy  $2.25


Fresh Brewed Maddison County Coffee  $2.15
Traditional Tea  $2.25
Speciality Teas  $2.95
White or Chocolate Milk  $2.50
Fountain Pop (free refill) $2.75
Iced Tea  $2.95
Bottled Water  $1.55
Perrier Water  $2.95
Large Juice $2.95
Small Juice  $1.95
Hot Chocolate $2.75

Milkshakes  $5.25
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Creamsicle

Ask your server for our selection of fresh HOMEMADE PIES! $5.95

Buttertarts  $3.95
Coconut Cream Pies  $5.95
Bowl of Ice Cream  $3.95
Fresh fruit yogurt parfait   $4.95

Old Fashioned Sundaes  $4.95
Choice of toppings: strawberry, chocolate or caramel sauce

Add a scoop of Ice Cream or Whipped Cream to any Dessert  $2.25

Taking a Bite on Our Burgers and Side Dishes 

When you’re hungry, you have the will to snack on something that isn’t heavy enough as a full meal. Gladly, there are different types of snacks that are easy to eat yet fulfilling at the same time. Among these are burgers. 

Here at The Original Mom’s Restaurant, we prepared several types of burger and side dishes for our customers. That way, they can have a nice dining experience without the need to make themselves full. 

With that, here are some of the burgers and side dishes that we have on our menu. 


We have different types of burger on our menu. All of these are made with our 7oz patty that is juicy and flavourful upon every bite. To make it even better, we also had it paired with our special home cut fries. With that, here are some of the burgers that we have. 

  • Hamburger: patty with our special sauce
  • Veggie burger: patty with lettuce, tomatoes, and our special sauce
  • Cheddar burger: patty with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, and our special sauce
  • Bacon cheddar burger: patty with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, bacon bits, and our special sauce
  • Texas burger: patty with swiss cheese, onion rings, and ancho ranch sauce 


We also give our customers an option to upgrade their regular fries to a different side dish. With that, here are some of our available side dish options which you can order separately or as an upgrade to your meal. 

  • Greek or Caesar salad
  • Garden salad
  • Poutine
  • Home cut French fries, home fries, or hash browns
  • Sweet potato fries or onion rings with ancho ranch dipping sauce
  • Potato or pasta salad


Complete your order with a glass or cup of your preferred beverage. If you don’t know which one to choose, then here are some that you can find on our menu. 

  • Fresh brewed Maddison county coffee
  • Traditional tea
  • White of chocolate milk
  • Juice
  • Hot chocolate
  • Milkshakes (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or creamsicle)
  • Refillable fountain pop


Once done with your meal, you may want to have something that can neutralize your taste buds. Eating something sweet after treating your taste buds with tasty flavours is something that your sweet tooth will enjoy. That way, you can have a sweet ending to your dining experience. With that, here are some desserts that we have. 

  • Butter tarts
  • Coconut cream pies
  • Bowl of ice cream
  • Fresh fruit yoghurt parfait 
  • Old fashioned sundaes (strawberry, chocolate, or caramel)

Overall, there are really lots of food options that we prepared for our customers. By having different varieties, we hope that we can satisfy our customers’ cravings as well as their appetites. Upon seeing our customers leave with a happy heart and stomach, we believe that we are able to deliver our promise to serve the best food in town.